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A Coach, Doer & Dreamer
Izabelle Azevedo

Izabelle Azevedo

Lifestyle Designer / Business Coach and Mentor
I empower women and help them start their own small business. Women are capable of great achievements, but we need to believe in ourselves to make things happen.

It all started over 15 years ago... but let's not go that far.
I'm a Brazilian born and raised, and I've been living in the US since 2014. As an immigrant living in America with no family, I started making a living as a nanny, but always wanting more. It was a restart. In 2015 I decided to open my first business and, after listing and studying my options, I decided to become a Professional Organizer. That's when I fell in love with marketing and the process of starting and structuring a small business, which had me "up and running" in less than 2 months, all by myself.

I did build my small business, but I didn't quite build my confidence to put myself out there, to make and receive calls, and to leave my limiting beliefs behind. I needed that empowerment to get things really going. And that took a while. If I only had looked for help... 

It was all part of what I needed to learn to be able to be here today. I grew stronger, smarter, and now I want to pass that on


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